Why most people do NOT make money online

I do not have to tell anyone that you can make money on the internet – although there are still countless people out there who doubt that. But now I have no nerve to roll it all up again. You can make money on the internet. Point.

Much more interesting is the fact that most people, despite the desire to finally make money online, usually not a tired cent retract.

And why is that?

Here are the two most relevant factors:

  1. Lack of know-how
  2. Lack of motivation

Point 1

Logical. If you have no idea where to start, you can not earn anything. However, valid and proven methods can be obtained inexpensively or even for free. I have to say that many both paid and free information on the Internet are outdated or useless. On this blog I always try to provide the most up-to-date and useful information about online business for you – of course for free.

Point 2

Everyone wants to make money online quickly, but preferably without much to do. Who does not earn money in the first month, usually gives up already. An online business builds up slowly and usually grows rapidly over time – that does not seem to have arrived in most people’s minds.

Your own mindset plays an important role in online business. Without ambition and persistence you just can not get far.


In this sense: take action! Or, nothing comes from nothing.