That’s why I’m so convinced of multi-level marketing

All in all, I’m very happy with my income from various MLM (multi-level marketing) companies. Not only myself, but also many of my affiliates have built up a considerable residual income through once done preliminary work. Therefore, I would like to explain at this point, why I am so convinced of multi-level marketing.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned a lot about internet marketing. This has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge with other people. The result is ultimately happier and more successful affiliates in my downlines.

The three biggest advantages of earning money through multi-level marketing are still very clear:

1. No prior knowledge needed (Anyone can do it)
2. Increasing residual income (after once finished preliminary work)
3. Almost total independence (no dependence on constant visitors)

Point 1

How to copy a link to pass it on to others, everyone should get done without much research and to have to try around. Therefore, it is so easy to quickly find many people.

Point 2

If you have found only once motivated people who enter the MLM business, the preliminary work is already completed. From then on, you can make more and more money throughout your life without doing anything at all. However, one has to say that most people already fail at this point, since they have neither the ambition nor the persistence to do this preliminary work.

Point 3

This point is very important in my opinion. If someday you get no visitors on your own website, you can still earn more money through the work of others. This is especially interesting when a new Google Update is released and therefore, for whatever reason, you will not receive any more visitors from search engines. As long as you have at least one motivated affiliate in your own downline, the money can increase regardless of your own number of visitors.


In my opinion, MLM offers unprecedented opportunities to make money online.