Making money on the Internet – The best income streams!

Earning money on the internet is not so easy for newcomers. On this page you can find the best streams of income especially for people without a website and/or for money-making websites.

I now earn more than just a full-time income with these streams of income and was able to completely discontinue my job. I only live on my Internet earnings.

Below I list my best streams of income, with which I make money.

Global Domains International (GDI)

GDI is essentially a MLM style web hosting company that sells low cost do it yourself web hosting packages to its members.

With GDI I have been able to build up a considerable residual income. The money is increasing automatically and I have become independent of search engines like Google. To advertise this company, I have used the website of an anonymous Internet millionaire. It worked even better than I expected. Also, with the website of an anonymous top earner I met good results (I’m a member of this team).

Strong Future International (SFI)

SFI is essentially a MLM style business empire that offers an affiliate marketing programm for a shop auction site called TripleClicks and a Pay-per-action income program.

Also here at SFI my income increases completely independently.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the largest Pay-per-click provider with millions of publishers and many advertisers.

As long as I get many visitors for my website, this is a very good stream of income.